Attorney Richard Boykin’s Campaign Surges Forward with Filing of Petitions

Atty. Richard Boykin, who is running for President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, files a sizeable number of petitions at the Cook County Clerk’s Office to get on the Democratic ticket in the June 28th primary election. A former Cook County Commissioner, Boykin is running against a three-term incumbent. (Photo by Melanie L. Brown Photography)

As his run for office gathers momentum, Boykin emphasizes, “It’s Time for REAL Change!”

(Chicago, March 14, 2022) Attorney Richard Boykin’s campaign for President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners gathered momentum today when he filed his petitions to get on the Democratic ballot for the office in the June 28th primary election. Atty. Boykin, who previously served on the Cook County Board of Commissioners (2014 – 2018), and served on Capitol Hill for 11 years, officially launched his run against the 12-year incumbent last month.

“It’s time for REAL change!” Boykin reemphasized, repeating a refrain he says he has been heard from citizens across Cook County. Boykin contends that the current county board president has not satisfactorily met the needs nor the expectations of constituents during a three-term tenure. He points to the ongoing problems of rising crime and violence throughout the area, and the fact that Cook County has become an unaffordable place to live for many citizens.

Media engage Atty. Richard Boykin after he files petitions to run for President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners. (Photo by Melanie L. Brown Photography)

Boykin is confident that as President of the county board, he can deliver the change that everyone wants to see. “I put people ahead of politics,” he said. “My number one priority is to make sure that our neighborhoods throughout Cook County are safe. I will collaborate with the City of Chicago and other municipalities, and the public safety stakeholders to help bring this violence down. I will invest in our most vulnerable communities. I will work to improve our public health system and the physical and mental health of those in need. I will work with businesses to expand economic opportunities in Cook County. I will protect and improve our Forest Preserves.”

“REAL change is coming for Cook County,” says Atty. Boykin, who excitedly tells people he meets along the campaign trail, “We’ll change things together!”

Richard Boykin for Cook County Board President