Latino Clergy of Cook County Endorses Richard Boykin

Latino Clergy of Cook County Officially Endorses Boykin in the Race for Cook County Board President in the June 28th Primary

COOK COUNTY (June 9, 2022) | More than 60 Latino Clergy members of Cook County joined Richard Boykin, candidate, for Cook County Board President, Wednesday, June 9, to announce their collective endorsement. Leading the announcement was Rev. Dr. Shando Valdez, Pastor, New Jerusalem Baptist Church. 

“We have a public safety crisis in Cook County, that President Preckwinkle has had 12 years to address… more than 1,000 have been killed in Cook County, 81 percent of those killed were African Americans and 15 percent were Latinos. The numbers are staggering and growing.  The current Board President has failed the residents of Cook County.  It’s time for real change—Attorney Boykin represents that change,” Valdez said.

Among the clergy who spoke in favor of Boykin’s candidacy in the tight race between incumbent Toni Preckwinkle, included Rev. A. Edward Davis, Bishop Wilson Ignobisa, Apostle Hosea Acevedo, Pastor Crystal Moye, D.J. Ray Rubio, Bishop Florin Cimpean, and Apostle Carlos Chica.

Reverend Valdez, who organized the endorsement, said the candidates were carefully screened to ensure that their platforms were aligned with the communities’ values.

“I believe that the upcoming election is a very important election,” Valdez said during gthe the press conference held in front of Mi Tierra Restaurant located in Little Village.

“With the inequities of Latinos and Blacks of Cook County, this elections especially matters to us. Every able-bodied County resident needs to vote, whether it’s by mail or in person. Everyone needs to participate in the political process for real change.”

Boykin thanked the clergy for their support and endorsement.

“When you look at the state of Cook County and the economic, public safety and health crisis that we are dealing with, the endorsement of the Latino Clergy goes a long way, not just in Latino communities but throughout Cook County and the city of Chicago,” Boykin said.

“I stand ready to fight for and to work with members of the Latino community as it relates to the County’s most pressing issues including health and safety inequities.”

The call for change was a recurring theme echoed in remarks made by Bishop Florin Cimpean, and Apostle Carlos Chica.

Boykin in his closing remarks addressed the Clergy’s dire concerns.  “You are leaders of our faith communities.  Know that I hear you. I empathize when you share how your communities are hurting; that too many children are dying in the streets, that families who have known only Cook County as home are being forced to leave because they simply can’t afford to live here anymore. I hear you when you tell me that our county government is broken and has failed to protect our most vulnerable communities, and that our people deserve better.”

“I do not take your support lightly, and I do not take these issues lightly.  I will address these longstanding and worsening issues of public safety and affordability. I aim to serve the people of Cook County in the way they deserve to be served and work every day to restore trust and credibility to County government.”